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Spectacular magic and illusions by John Bundy and Morgan
International Stars of Magic and Illusion
John and Morgan perform high energy, grand illusion shows for amusement parks, corporate events, live theatre, television and marketing events.

Their performances deliver the finest in family entertainment, filled with magic, comedy, audience participation and Broadway style production values.
You will see people appear, disappear, dematerialize
and levitate right before your eyes!
"Very refreshing to see in today's glut of dark
lighting, blinder lights and needless posturing
on stage. John and Morgan know and understand the language of magic as performance and know
how to genuinely entertain!"
Frank Simpson, Magic Cafe
Westchester Broadway Theatre
"Sold out the Superstar Theatre"
Resorts Casino Hotel, Atlantic City, NJ
"You guys are great!"
Vincent D'Onofrio
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Magic in Toyland
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"Well Played!"
Neal Patrick Harris
Recipients of the Milbourne Christopher award for outstanding illusionists.
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